Design. Build. Compete.

University of Alberta Aero Design

University of Alberta Aero Design (formerly Aero Heavy Lift Group) is a student engineering design group. We design and build a fixed-wing, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of carrying and delivering payload by remote-control. We focus on fostering an appreciation of aerodynamics through providing an opportunity for students to gain valuable and practical knowledge, developing skills that are transferable and applicable to industry.

What We Do

Every year, the Aero Design team designs and builds an electrically-powered, remote-control aircraft from the ground up. From conceptual design, manufacturing, and flight testing, every part and decision is made by the team members. We emphasize a collaborative, hands-on approach to developing our aircraft.

Our team competes in the SAE Aero Design challenge, an annual competition where teams from around the world design fixed-wing aircraft from the ground up to accomplish rigorous engineering challenges.